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Christmas Greetings to all Pathfinders Members

On behalf of the Doncaster Pathfinders Rambling Club I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. We certainly all deserve it after this terrible year we have had. Of course today should have been our Christmas walk and lunch so I thought it was appropriate to contact you all to wish you well over the Christmas period. I really hope you all have a good but very safe Christmas! Hopefully we may soon get our freedom back and can once again start walking those footpaths and hills. I know a lot of members have carried on walking locally but I’m sure we are all looking forward to travelling to our favourite walking areas further afield, and to especially sharing the walks with all our Pathfinder friends. I’m sure after all the difficult times lately our trips to the places we love, in our beautiful countryside, will be particularly special once we can resume our walks programme. So take care and have a good Christmas and sincere good wishes for a fantastic 2021. Bye for now Lynn Chairlady.

LLC     ( 12 Dec 2020 )

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